Business is Booming! New York Pet Franchise Opportunities

by | Jul 21, 2017 | Pet Care

Have you been exploring franchise opportunities, trying to decide if there is one out there that will offer you the pathway to business ownership and being your own boss? Many people looking at franchise opportunities have gone beyond some of the traditional types of franchises and looked at franchise types that are emerging business leaders.

It is no surprise that more people are turning to the pet care industry for their franchise ownership opportunities. That is because franchise success depends on two things: current demand and growth opportunities. In order to get sufficient ROI, you need a franchise that is more than a fad; you want one where you can continue to grow your business. Pet care is one of the fastest-growing and most robust industries in the United States. While no industry is completely recession proof, years of studies support the fact that pet owners will continue to spend money on their pets even when they are making other cuts to their discretionary spending. Exactly how big is the industry? Well, pet owners spend over $53 billion per year on their pets, with around $4 billion of that dedicated to boarding and grooming. This is expected to continue to grow over the next several years, especially in New York.

How do you take advantage of a booming market? By partnering with a business that has a proven track record of success. K9 Resorts has an established reputation as one of the best pet care chains in the northeast. We offer our franchisees the help they need to provide their clients with the same top-quality care that they have come to expect from our facilities. Our goal is for our franchise owners to work for themselves without ever feeling by themselves. If you want the independence of small business ownership and the guidance of a successful business chain, please contact us to discuss franchise opportunities.

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