Companies of All Sizes Stand to Benefit from Pallet Wrapping Machines

by | Nov 22, 2018 | Packing

Smaller manufacturing companies that have low volume storage and shipping needs may assume they have little to no need for a pallet stretch wrapping machine, however companies of every size stand to benefit from their use. This is due in large part to the fact that they are highly efficient in both time and effective use of packaging materials. In fact, when utilizing a stretch wrapping machine most loads can be wrapped in three minutes or less. This of course means increased productivity while also gaining the advantage of saving money on costly materials like wrap or film, which cannot be used at maximum capacity when using the traditional hand stretching method.

Securing Oversized and Oddly Shaped Packages

In some cases, companies will choose to use hand stretch wrapping methods to secure oversized or oddly shaped products for shipment. This is also understandable but no longer necessary due to advancements in automated stretch wrapping equipment that utilizes orbital technology. Equipment like the Tab Wrapper Tornado® for example will rotate around your fully loaded pallet for a perfect wrap every time. What’s more, s pallet stretch wrapping machine such as these offered by Tab Industries can work long hours without compromising wrap quality. Thus, helping to ensure the safety of your product while it is being stored or shipped while also reducing labor costs.

High Quality and Efficient Stretch Wrapping Machines for Your Business

As you can see, fully automated wrapping machines have a lot to offer businesses both large and small. If you are interested in learning more about what a pallet stretch wrapping machine can do for your business contact the experts at Tab Industries today. Their Tab Wrapper Tornado® can help you improve work safety as well as load integrity, resulting in a more profitable and streamlined packaging process. Visit their website to learn more and be sure to check out their videos to see their stretch wrapping equipment in action.

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