The 4 Advantages to Using Automated Pallet Wrapping for Shipping

by | Nov 11, 2019 | Packing

Automated pallet wrapping can reduce your shipping costs and improve efficiency by increasing the consistency of product wrapping. This article will provide information related to the advantages of using automated tab wrappers produced by stretch film machinery manufacturers.

Reduce Damage Costs During Shipping

A properly wrapped pallet can greatly reduce damages during shipping. Further, a well-wrapped pallet better secures product which decreases the likelihood of movement during transport. Also, small parts and extensions on manufactured goods are better protected when the stretch film is wrapped well. Items are less likely to break or become lost during shipping which can have a positive outcome for your company’s bottom line.

Increases Worker Efficiency

When employees can spend more time on production and less time on processes that can be automated, the company profits usually increase. Yes, someone will need to operate to the automated tab wrapper, but one person versus two to three people manually wrapping pallets is a savings in labor that could be put to better use elsewhere. The new pallet wrappers are operator-friendly and ergonomic in design further reducing labor costs due to training and injury.

The Machine that Pays for Itself

Current tab wrappers offer economical solutions to what used to be a costly throughput solution. Securely and consistently wrapping a pallet in less than one minute reduces shipping preparation time. As we all know, in business, time is money. Competitive stretch film machinery manufacturers work continuously to improve their products so that the machines are user friendly, safe and economical. If you thought you were priced out of the tab wrapper market, it is worth a look at the newer, more price-friendly models now available.

Odd Shapes or Sizes, No Problem

Current pallet wrapping machines are geared toward accommodating the needs of modern manufacturers. If you have product that is irregular in shape or considered oversize, there is, more than likely, a tab wrapper to prepare your item for shipping. Also, with consistent wraps, your oddly-shaped or over-sized pallet is better protected from damage.

The Wrap-up on Tab Wrappers

Modern pallet or tab wrappers can be an excellent addition to your manufacturing processes. Tab wrappers have become more efficient, user-friendly and, most of all, economical solutions to an age-old shipping dilemma. When a company can reduce costs while increasing productivity, you have a winning combination.

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