In Search of the Best Shrink Wrapping Machine for Your Business

by | Apr 6, 2020 | Packing

If you are in the manufacturing or distribution business, you can realize a number of benefits from shrink wrapping machine technology. For example, it’s possible to save a great deal on storage and shipping space. But what kind of equipment should you invest in?

Semi or Fully Automatic?

What jobs do you want your equipment to perform? For example, do you want a completely automatic operation, or a manual task setup? Let’s explore both of these options a little more closely.

Semi Automatic

This is sometimes called a “manual operation”. A machine operator takes the product to be wrapped and runs it through the shrink wrapping machine. First, a lid is opened, the product is inserted and plastic film is placed over the product. Next, the lid is closed on both product and film and heat is applied. Within a few seconds, the heat has shrunk the film and created an effectively sealed container.

The operator must then remove the finished product, place it on a conveyor or in a box and then proceed to the next piece.


An automatic method is simple yet effective in design. All the shrink machine operator has to do is load materials to be sealed onto a conveyor which leads to the sealing mechanism. As each piece travels on the conveyor it breaks a photo cell beam when it enters the sealing chamber. This triggers the conveyor to stop. The film comes down and the sealing lid drops over the piece and film. Heat is applied, sealing and also breaking the film in the process. A timing circuit tells the lid to lift, conveyor to startup and the process repeats itself.

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