How to Clean Coffee Makers in New York City

by | Dec 15, 2015 | Coffee Machine

Coffee makers are really a working man or woman’s best friend. Coffee provides caffeine, which in turn promotes energy. The caffeinated energy promotes drive and ambition. In turn, accomplishing tasks becomes much easier at work and at home. As much as coffee makers are loved, they do need to be properly maintained and frequently cleaned. To clean Coffee Makers in New York City, follow these easy steps.

Use Vinegar and Water

To clean the coffee maker’s chamber, fill it up with half hot water and half apple cider vinegar. Place a clean filter inside the coffee maker and allow the coffee maker to brew as it normally would. The vinegar and water mix will drain into the chamber. In turn, the mix will clean and sanitize the chamber from any mold and dirt. Of course, once the brewing process is complete, simply dump out the dirty water and vinegar mix.

Rinse the Machine

Once the chamber has been cleaned out by the vinegar and water mix, unplug the machine and carefully rinse out the entire machine under hot water. There is no need to use soap. A good rinsing should do the trick. Once rinsed, allow the machine to air dry. Leave the actual pot to the side, this will need to be cleaned differently.

Clean the Pot

To clean the pot of the coffee maker, add a drop of dishwashing soap to the pot and fill it with warm water. Gently wash the interior and exterior of the pot until all coffee stains have been removed. To reduce scratches to the pot, place some hard white rice in the pot. The rice will act as a gentle abrasive and will help remove any hard stains. Rinse the pot out and allow it to air dry.

Use the Coffee Maker

Once both the pot and the maker have successfully dried, simply place the pot back where it belongs and plug the coffee maker back in. The coffee maker should now be sanitized, mold free, and ready for use.

Follow these four tips to clean Coffee Makers in New York City.

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