Ice Removal Tips for Property Owners

Even though warm weather is just around the corner, it’s never too early for property owners to evaluate their Ice Removal services and plan ahead for next winter. It is prudent for them to assess property needs and repairs well in advance of snow hitting the ground. Keeping parking lots and grounds free of snow and ice is a serious matter that can affect the safety of tenants and visitors alike, so proper planning is essential.

In the Arlington and Everett area of Washington, Highline Pavement Maintenance has been providing snow and Ice Removal services for over two decades. One advantage of using a company that also specializes in pavement maintenance is that they know how to scrape snow and ice off parking lots with the utmost care. Using a company that also is proficient in parking lot striping and sealcoating can pay dividends as well. Sealcoating will help melt ice and snow more quickly as the deep rich black color retains heat from the sun. Another benefit of sealcoating is that it will make sweeping and cleaning the parking lot much easier as it creates a smoother surface to clean off of.

In preparing for winter, property owners should review or set up new snow removal contracts to ensure that they have a proper plan in place. Simple oversights can cost a commercial property owner huge sums of money in litigation in the event a tenant slips and falls on ice. When a storm causes a great amount of snow to fall, a property manager may not feel compelled to apply ice melt since the parking lots and sidewalks have already been cleared. Lurking under that snow, however, is usually a thin but perilous layer of ice that would be harmless if ice melt had been used. Conversely, some managers only use ice melt after a major snowstorm, but even a small sprinkling of snow can lead to treacherous conditions if the snow melts and then freezes again as the day wears on. It is imperative to hire a company that knows how to treat parking lots during all stages of a winter storm. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.