Troubleshooting Tips For Business VoIP Phone Systems in Honolulu

A VoIP phone system is a great communications solution for any business. However, as with anything, there will be times when something happens and minor problems occur. Luckily, when there are issues with the system, they can often be corrected by members of the staff. Here are some basic troubleshooting tips for Business Voip Phone Systems in Honolulu.

* If there is no dial tone, inspect the connections to the VoIP telephone adapter. The LED light on the adapter box should be lit with a green light when the phone is not resting in the hook. If the light is not lit, there may be an issue with the internet connection.

* If a voice can be heard only one-way, the VoIP adapter box may need to be moved from behind the router. Business Voip Phone Systems in Honolulu may occasionally run afoul of firewall systems. If this is the case, the customer support will be able to perform a walk-through solution over the phone.

* If the phone simply will not ring, then the problem may be merely the phone not being plugged in or the volume not being turned up. This is a common occurrence according to tech support experts.

* If there is only the presence of a fast busy signal when picking up the phone, the system will need to be rebooted. The instruction to do this will vary by system so check the owners manual.

* If calls can be made but not received, or vice versa, the problem will again be most likely that the system is behind a firewall that is interfering with the connection. If the system is from, simply call technical support and they can walk the user through the process of correcting this issue.

* Most VoIP systems traditionally run via an ethernet connection. However, if the ISP being used requires a USB internet connection, a USB converter can be purchased to ensure that the VoIP can run on the system.

By following these simple steps, most minor problems will be able to be resolved quickly and efficiently. The VoIP communications system will continue to run smoothly for years to come.