Ideas for Ordering Luxury Flower Arrangements That Convey Special Meanings

For centuries, wise hostesses have relied on gorgeous and delicate flower arrangements to transform the space into just what she envisioned. Consider some of these elegant and original ideas for ordering stunning live luxury flower arrangements in Palm Beach, FL, that special occasion florists can create for you.

How to Say it Properly with Flowers

For eons of time, different flowers were used to convey different meanings. The exact meanings would vary depending on the time period, place, and cultural or religious traditions of the people living there. Some common flower meanings and expressions include using colors to mean different things. For example, brides today carry white flowers to symbolize purity, while brides in traditional Indian cultures might select more vibrant hues, like red hibiscus representing the Goddess Kali’s tongue, while lotus blooms are thought to be magical and a symbol of purity according to ancient Hindu mythology. You may want to know what different flowers mean before you give someone flowers to ensure the gift is even more meaningful.

History of Studying Floral Meanings in the Victorian Era

This art form of studying the historical meanings of flowers took root and flourished in the Victorian era. Ladies of rank and nobility took lessons and had lavish private gardens. Bluebells represented kindness, tulips were considered a bloom of passion, and fresh-cut myrtle was used to symbolize love and good luck for a bridal couple.

Discover an English Royal Bride’s Wedding Bouquet Tradition

As an intriguing side note, Kate Middleton, the lovely bride of Prince William and heir to the English throne, included a sprig of myrtle that came from Queen Victoria’s daughter’s own private plant. That daughter was also named Victoria, and she sparked the now royal bridal tradition of including the plant in bridal bouquets.

Making a place look beautiful is part of planning the perfect party or other special celebration. Order luxury flower arrangements in Palm Beach, FL, that florists are happy to fashion.