The Happiest, Healthiest Dogs Eat Organic!

People who have started eating organic food diets have reported a boost in their energy levels as well as their overall health. Numerous studies have come out detailing the long-term benefits of organic food for humans. It is no wonder that pet owners want these health benefits to extend to their dogs. As a result, organic dog food in Jacksonville and many other places have been made to promote a healthy, happy dog.

What Organic Means

In order to be called “organic,” a dog food must be free of any antibiotics, toxic pesticides, and synthetic hormones. The ingredients also cannot be genetically engineered, grown in chemical fertilizer, or irradiated. The animal ingredients must be from animals that are raised on organic feed, given outdoor access, and not treated with hormones.

Why Organic is Better

Many dogs suffer from allergies or skin conditions that impact the quality of their lives. Special shampoo, medications, and creams are sometimes of very little help. However, organic dog food may help because it is free of artificial colors, toxic pesticides, and chemical additives, which can cause an allergic reaction. Organic dog food from Jacksonville and other cities also contains high-quality protein and grain sources that support the immune system and help resist skin infections.

Better Digestion

Organic dog food does not contain the bulk fillers that commercial dog food does. This means that dogs only consume what is needed to maintain a healthy, energetic life. They can avoid the empty corn fillers that provide no nutritional value. It is also easier for dogs to digest the organic dog food because there are no chemicals and artificial substances that can irritate their stomachs. Overall, dogs eat less and even have less smelly stools when they are given an organic diet.

Take the Step to Make Your Dog Live Longer!

Invest in organic dog food, which Jacksonville residents can find in corporate pet supply stores or small pet store businesses. Just as a person’s diet influences their health, a dog’s diet requires organic dog food to give them a long, happy, and healthy life. Boost their health and prevent any future illnesses by strengthening their immune system and giving them a luxurious coat with organic dog food.