How to Get a Great-Looking Lawn in the Summer

Getting a great-looking lawn in the summer requires a bit of technical know-how in lawn engineering and plenty of help from lawn care services in Cumming. If you want a well-maintained lawn with no guesswork and the best results, it would be best to leave most of the work to experts who have been doing it for years.

The process of maintaining a great-looking lawn can be broken down into the following steps:

Feeding and Refeeding

Proper feeding and refeeding of your lawn can be performed by a lawn care service every six to eight weeks. The reason for the refeeding is by the eighth week, much of the nutrients that have been applied to the soil have already been consumed by the plants. Thus there is a need to replenish the freely available nutrients in the soil. Proper feeding is especially important after overseeding bare patches of land.

Proper Mowing

A lawn care service knows the proper height during mowing to make your lawn sustainable. If you have a newly landscaped lawn with young grass plants, it should generally be higher to challenge the vascular system and the root formation of the grasses. This allows the grasses to dig deep into the soil in search of moisture and nutrients. Older grasses have already established their root systems and therefore can be mowed lower.

Ideal Reseeding

Reseeding helps grow optimal grass, even in the scorching heat of the summer. Ask your lawn care service about heat-resistant grass varieties that grow perfectly, even if the temperature is consistently high and the soil is dry.

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