Looking For Hammer Mills For Sale in Southern Idaho?

by | Jul 5, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

Agriculture represents a large part of Idaho’s economy, and grain makes up a large portion of the agricultural industry in the state. Farmers here are proud of what they do, providing food for millions and over 100,000 local jobs. And any farmer knows that an essential aspect of keeping everything running smooth is access to the right equipment. If you’re primarily a grain farmer or grow your own grain for the livestock that you raise, you might be interested in Hammer Mills For Sale in Southern Idaho.

Hammer mills work by using repetitive blows of small mechanized hammers to crush grain into coarse flour. This can then be fed to livestock, or subjected to a secondary milling process to create the finer grain necessary for human consumption. And these machines are not just for factory farms. A small hammer mill can be operated on a basic household current.

Some things to consider when you begin your search for hammer mills for sale in Southern Idaho are screen size, the configuration of the hammers inside the chamber, and speed of impact. All of these considerations can drastically affect the end product. More hammers moving at faster speeds and sifting the grain through a tighter screen will lead to a finer grain.

No matter the size of your machine, all hammer mills process grain in essentially the same way. The grain must be fed into the shaft via feed shoot, where it is crushed via repetitive impact and collision against the walls of the chamber and itself. When the grain in the shaft reaches sufficient fineness, gravity will pull it through a metal screen at the bottom, and it will exit the shaft via the discharge chute as finished product. Pneumatic suction to aid gravity in pulling the grain down this chute is a built in feature in most hammer mills sometimes necessary for the removal of lighter density products.

These machines are quite efficient in processing grain quickly and without the risk of external contamination and are perfect for independently milling livestock feed, or beginning the process of creating finer grains of flour for human use. Contact us for more information about purchasing a new or used hammer mill in your area.

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