5 Reasons to Choose a Diesel Generator for Your Backup Power Supply

by | Mar 20, 2019 | Electronics and Electrical

When you have essential systems running like security systems, HVAC units or even medical equipment and can’t risk the potential losses from a power outage, it’s critical to have a back up plan. While there are several types of generators that might meet your needs, a diesel generator is the best choice for the following reasons.

A Cost Effective Solution

While there’s really no way to reduce the cost of the generator, regardless of what type you purchase, choosing a diesel powered generator in Edison, NJ, can be more economical than a gas powered generator when considering long-term usage.

Greater fuel efficiency: When it comes right down to it, a diesel generator is simply more fuel efficient than a gas generator. Cost savings isn’t the only factor, of course, but for many businesses and consumers, it’s a significant factor.

Cheaper maintenance costs: Diesel generators don’t have as many parts that require regular maintenance or replacement like spark plugs and carburetors. In fact, diesel generators typically require fewer maintenance overhauls to keep them in good working order.

No additional plumbing or pipes needed: Installing a diesel generator in Edison, NJ, is relatively straightforward because there’s no need for a lot of extra prep work to accommodate its operation.

Operations Advantages

Smaller physical footprint: When space is at a premium, choosing a diesel generator in Edison, NJ, can be the right choice. Making accommodations for a generator in general can be tough depending on the site. The size of a typical diesel generator can offer greater flexibility in choosing possible locations for placement and installation.

Diesel is less flammable: In circumstances where safety is a greater concern, it’s important to note diesel may be a better choice than gasoline when it comes to generators, simply because gasoline is so volatile.

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